The Pioneer in COVID-19 Clean -Sunday Telegraph 22nd March 2020

One of Australia’s leading and most respected infection control cleaning providers - Pioneer Services - has issue a warning to businesses, organisations and building owners that a traditional ‘standard clean’ will do little to protect their facility from the spread of coronavirus and would have absolutely no impact if their site was already infected.

Pioneer Services has already successfully completed two of Sydney’s largest COVID-19 operations.
“These are unprecedent times for families, businesses, schools and hospitals,” Managing Director of Pioneer Services, Steve Reid said.

“Never before have organisations and employers faced such urgency to significantly improve preventive infection measures or responding to anything like a COVID-19 outbreak.”

The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 a pandemic and the Australian Government is managing the outbreak as a health emergency.

Over the last few weeks Pioneer have worked with many of their clients to install a range of COVID-19 preventative action plans and measures.
“Pioneer Services has around 500 skilled cleaners at the ready, including specialist response teams that can be deployed immediately,” Steve Reid
“These teams have access to the state-of the-art cleaning equipment, including the latest Hazmat suits and chemical and disinfection solutions.”
Steve Reid said while quick action is essential in dealing with COVID-19, it should come at the cost of one ‘doing their homework’ before engaging someone to do the job.

“There is way too much at stake with COVID-19 to race off and hire any old cleaner - it’s that simple,” Steve Reid said.

“Most don’t realise there are only a small number of cleaning providers, such as Pioneer Services, who are actually capable of doing the job.

“The fact is very few cleaning companies in Australia have the capability, skills, experience and specialist equipment to handle a COVID-19 situation.”

As the sole private provider of cleaners to Western Sydney Area Health - the largest Health System in Australia - Pioneer Services have become a leader in the field of infection control and the development of preventative action plans for workplaces. They continue to work with some of Australia’s largest companies, nationals sporting teams, hospitals and schools.

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Pioneer Services have been consistently recognised in media, most recently The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 30 June 2020 for our work towards helping businesses combat the impact of COVID-19. Our 4 P prevention plans are tailored solutions for businesses of all industries to ensure a seamless and efficient transition back to work. Visit or speak to our team on 1300 559 245 or to get your plan today


Pioneer Services featured in The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 6 June 2020 for our work in preparing Australia for “Back to Business as Usual” and why it’s crucial to only appoint experts to prepare and maintain a COVID-19 free work environment. Speak to our team of experts TODAY on 1300 559 245 or

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