Pioneer Services has been certified as ISO 9001 compliant

Pioneer Services has been certified as ISO 9001 compliant – another stamp of approval for our company. ISO 9001 compliance means Pioneer Services is certified as running a Quality Management System which complies with ISO 9001 requirements.


Pioneer Services has over 10 years cleaning experience

Our flexibility, responsiveness to feedback and ability to offer sound advice and solutions to a range of situations ultimately saves our clients time, money and unnecessary stress.

Everyday we use our experience and knowledge in delivering an innovative and high-quality customer centric cleaning service

We offer 24/7 Customer Support

We are a customer driven business and provide weekly site visitation from an experienced team of Operational Managers

We offer our clients a tailor designed app using smart technology to manage the cleaning account

Pioneer Services works with its clients to devise the most economical scope of work and cleaning solution for your site for a touchpoint clean at every service

We offer a FREE site visit and quote

We guarantee assurance of accredited & sustainable cleaning practices

We will appoint a quality cleaning team empowered to deliver a solution driven and cost effective cleaning partnership

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