Heath & Aged Care

Pioneer Services is a leading cleaning company in NSW for quality Health and Aged Care cleaning services. We have been providing our clients in NSW with our renowned management and leading quality, safety and environmental techniques and systems for over 10 years. Our valued strength is our highly responsive customer service, hygiene experts and bio-hazard expertise. We are well skilled in hospital cleans, disinfection and sterilisation process, through well trained staff and procedures.

Our cleaners are experienced and trained for cleaning and maintenance in all facet of Health & Aged Care. We understand the importance of a clean environment in any Health or Aged Care facility, which is crucial for the better health of the patients and safe for the visitors and staff. We put our focus mainly on responsible, reliable cleaning procedures, human friendly cleaning products. We establish a strong relationship with our clients to perform regularly scheduled cleanings a with our clients along with regular site inspections, to ensure the highest level of cleaning standards.