Environment / OHS

Pioneer Services recognises its responsibilities as a commercial cleaning organisation In Australia and concerns itself with both the long and short-term effect of its business in relation to the environment. It is important that this is looked at both in terms of the cleaning agents used and in handling waste disposal.

Environmental advancements can only be made through the action of individuals and companies. And there is no more important starting point to this than the cleaning industry. As a result at Pioneer Services we have adopted a positive policy to promote a practical day-to-day commitment to the environment.

We have developed an environmental policy which is focussed on and dedicated to the initial reduction and then eventual elimination of significant pollution.

Commitment includes

  • Reduction of waste and the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy).
  • Minimising the environmental effect of new developments through strategic planning.
  • Specifying product that minimise environmental effect in production, use and disposal.
  • Reduce or eliminate the production of polluting releases to the environment.
  • Pioneer Services will comply fully with all legal requirements at every location where it is employed.
  • Encourage full participation and commitment from all employees by carrying out appropriate training.
  • Ensure where legislation does not exist, that Pioneer Services set their own standards incorporating best industry practice in comparable activities.
  • It is the responsibility of our Pioneer Services management to regularly review practices and policy that have a direct effect upon the environment.


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

The environmental friendliness of our products and procedures is of the utmost importance to us at Pioneer Services. We believe we have a duty to help protect future generations from damage to the environment caused by waste of resources or harmful chemicals. This aim has led us to adopt measures which meet Australian environmental standards. Our impact on the environment is therefore constantly being assessed and we are always striving to minimise any potential detrimental effects, and improve our procedures accordingly. It is our policy which we source products from companies that share our commitment to the environment and meet government regulations.

How This Benefits You

At Pioneer Services our proactive environmentally measures provides our clients with the knowledge that their cleaning contractor is doing everything possible to minimise waste, reduce pollutants and maximise recycling for their business also. This provides our clients with a positive environmental action.

Allergy Prevention

Pioneer Services in conjunction with our chemical supplier uses products which limit any allergic reactions from employees.

A Greener Future

For the cleaning industry, environmental issues, legislation and the need to think thoughtfully about the future is not going away. In fact it will become the one of the single biggest influencers on the industry in the near future.

At Pioneer Services we are constantly keeping up with the latest environmentally-friendly technologies and processes. Whenever we find a greener version of a product or procedure, we will adopt it without delay. Those organisation who haven't got such measures and plans now will be those who will not be our competitors in the future.